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My Boys: HP Fanfic

Post  Rouge_Taylor on Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:09 pm

Darian sat and stared as once again her brother played Free-Bird.
“Could you stop for like five minutes?” She hissed at him angrily. All she got in return was a tongue in her face and the song being restarted.

Darian looked out the window to see a familiar face, and instantly she shut her book. A large grin spread across her lovely face and she laughed; motioning to the man outside that she would be out in five.

“Going out squirt, you okay for a while?” Darian asked crossing the living room in a few quick steps and entered her room. She heard her brother Bria grunt and knew that he would be fine, just in case she’d pop in a pizza for him.
Slipping out of her pajama’s Darian wiggled in her black mini. She zipped it in the back and admired herself in the mirror for a moment, she was so cute! Her top flew across the room and landed on her bed. Taking out her wand she flicked it once, mumbling under her breath.

Almost instantly her favourite green halter flew in her outstretched arms. Spicing up her hair with a quick spritz of spray and carefully placeing on silver glitter and black eyeliner, Darain blew a kiss to herself.
Black leather boots went over fishnets and zipped tight to her calves. On went her winter coat, and she was out the door. Once outside the icy air hit her and tore through her outfit leaving her shivering.

Running through the snow, Darian leapt into the arms of her red haired visitor, planting a long and passionate kiss on his icy lips.
“I thought you were never going to get here.” Darian breathed when she finally released George’s mouth from hers. Grinning madly George lifted Darian off of him and kissed her back softly.
“If I knew staying away would bring on this reaction I would have come later.” Darian punched him in the arm playfully.
“I missed you darling…” George whispered softly into Darian’s ear as she melted into his strong arms.

“I couldn’t bear to spend another day without you…it still hurts.” Darian said her voice raspy and thick with renewed pain. Same face, same eyes…different man. George hugged Darian closer to him, brushing away her tears as they fell freely down her cheeks.
She was his. She knew it, but there had been a time, when they were in school that he’d shared Darian; with the only person he shared everything with. Darian was the only one who felt his loss as much as he did, and George let his tears fall into Darian’s black hair.

“Hush darling, I miss him to.” Fred, the one who had never taken their relationships seriously who brightened their lives; now he was gone and once again George had come to Darian for comfort.
Darian’s brown eyes met Georges. They embraced again and began the long walk to the cemetery. Both had their wands out and ready in case of attack, but they focused more on each other.
“Honestly I had to listen to that song a zillion times.” Darian said smiling, she let out a long laugh and jumped into the nearest snow bank. When she didn’t immerge after a few moments George peaked his head over the snow bank.

“Darian?” He asked puzzled looking for her form sprawled on the snow bank, what he found letters written in her trade mark Slytherin green. ‘Look Up’ As he did a snowball whizzed down at him and plopped unto his neck and slid down his shirt front.
Darian’s laughing form lowered slowly from the sky, she wrapped herself lazily around Georges front and kissed him, feeling and watching his face change as the snowball melted inside his shirt.
When she removed her lips and tongue from his person George looked at her slyly. “I’ll get you back Darian, Slytherin’s aren’t the only one’s who can play a good prank.” Darian laughed and kissed his forehead.

“Yes, but Slytherin’s watch their backs better, I know all your moves Weasley.” It was an innuendo, he knew it. She was egging him to step up his game, she’d always done that played him against Fred, to see which twin could light her candle the best. George raised an eyebrow.
“Got a new muggle boyfriend I should curse?” He smiling lazily, carrying her the rest of the way to the cemetery. Darian leapt off him and took his gloved hand in hers.
“Nopers, I just know you won’t put your…all into it now that you don’t have a back up…” She laughed and placed her head on his shoulder as George blushed remembering the last time he’d seen Darian.

FlashBack Lemon warning, if you don’t know what a lemon is I suggest skipping to where this warning ends

The summer had just started; Fred and George were at their flat in Diagon Alley when a knock came at their door. Thinking it was another telegram from wizards who refused to use owls, George went to the door.
The moment it opened he saw Darian, in nothing but her lacy bra and panties. Stuttering George could barely yell to Fred before her hot mouth covered his.

“Mmmm, I missed my boys.” Darian purred in Georges ear before running into the office and strattling Fred giving him the same treatment. George watched as Darian slowly began to undress his brother, imagining it was him he felt himself go hard at the thought.
Darian must have caught unto his look because she looked at the twins and said, “Want to play a new game?” George and the half dressed Fred both stared at her.
“New game?” Darian laughed and licked Fred’s exposed nipple, tugging on it gently with her teeth.

“Mmm, its called two’s fun but three is better.” The boys looked at each other, shocked but than smiled.

“Wicked.” They said together. At that moment, Darian jumped off of Fred and strattled, the standing George as

Fred went to transfigure his bed, making it larger and softer.
George carried Darian to the bed room. Slowly she undressed him so that he and Fred were only in their boxers.
Fred leaned down and let his hands wander up and down Darian’s luscious body. He took out his wand and burned away the top lacy garment. Each brother took a side and explored.
Though they’d both traveled the body before it was exciting, licking and nipping, feeling Darian buck underneath them with pleasure; when her screams rose George clamped his hot and ready mouth on hers while Fred’s eager fingers found her wetness.
Sinking in and out of Darian Fred concentrated, and soon enough Darian’s moans of pleasure could be heard even though George was still attached to her mouth. Slipping off her lacy garments Fred drove in faster and harder until Darian arched and released herself into his waiting palm.

George looked at his brother and smiled, they switched places. Both providing different sensations, as George was a softer kisser and Fred drove Darian higher with just his tongue battling hers.
George moaned softly as Darian again came this time into his hand, he kissed up her thighs and touched his tongue to her sweet opening. Darian arched again and couldn’t tell the boys apart any more it was only sensations that she felt.

The boys stopped for a moment and let Darian catch her breath. Smirking she laid herself on top of Fred. “My turn.”
George watched as Darian licked up Fred’s thighs, kissing and nipping; she made her way up to his waiting nipples. Biting him softly and tugging playfully Darian cupped Fred in her other hand and massaged him softly.
George could only watch aroused as his brother, cried and moaned at the treatment, could only imagine what it felt like to have her hot breath on him. He touched himself and watched as Fred’s eyes slid out of focus, almost to his end.

Fred cried as he came finally into Darian’s hand. She smiled dreamily and kissed him long and slow arousing him again. Only this time as soon as she saw his arousal she moved to his brother.
George cried out when he felt the hot mouth on his own arousal. He clutched the blankets with his hands straining to hold back his sobs of pleasure as Darian’s hands roamed and her mouth worked him.
Fred watched as his brother reached his end, how Darian pulled up and let his seed spill harmlessly into her palm, how ragged he looked, how sated and how Darian brought him back up with only a flick of her tongue.

“I need to be inside of you.” Fred heard himself say, watching a wicked smile crawl onto Darian’s face.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” She slid over to him and onto him. Fred shuddered as the warmth hit him. He was mesmerized as she rocked back and forth over him. Soon he clutched at her sides speeding her pace, feeling himself break under her, feeling her contract around him. Together their heads fell back in ecstasy as Fred released himself into her.

George watched, usually he wasn’t greedy but the comments burned in his brain, he was as good a lover as his brother and he would prove it. Barely letting Darain rest George thrust himself roughly into her.
Darian gasped as George filled her, more so than Fred had done before. He slammed her roughly into the bed, thrusting hard and fast into her. He felt her need building up and increased his speed, soon her eyes rolled back into her head and they screamed release together.
Panting and sobbing the three lay in the bed. Sweat rolled down their backs, and smiles were wide and well deserved. Suddenly Darian stood and moved her hands across the boys body’s, enticing.
“You can’t be serious.” Fred panted.
“I think she is serious,” George said with a smirk, Fred smirked than two.
“Together?” Darian asked, trying to tease the boys into a tag team.
“Together.” The twins said. Darian lay back, Fred filled her, than George, than Fred, than George. Each took a turn thrusting into her, soon she could barely tell them apart.
Arching quickly Darian felt herself contract on one only to have it pulled away from her and filled with another. Her senses blurred, her speech was gone her mind whipped blank.
An orgasm hit her with a cry and it mingled with that of another person’s and than, again the filling the rush the haste the need for it all to be compelte. Darian screamed, and the boy screamed also.

End Lemon, it is safe for the innocent to read again

Than they were a tangle of limbs, all with skin of ivory, red and black hair mixed together.
George could only look at Fred as Darian left them, each with a quick kiss.
“How did we get so lucky?” Fred said dreamily, George knew that he was replying the earlier engagement.
“Easy, we looked past her Slytherin housing and found a lioness amoung snakes.”
“I do like the Slytherin in her though, the Gryffindor girls aren’t as outgoing…”
“What do you expect? I heard she taught Draco and Blaise the Slytherin Sex Gods all they know and not even half of what she does…”
“Thank god she loves red heads.”
“And we’re a package deal…”

End Flashback

End Part I


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Re: My Boys: HP Fanfic

Post  Akatsuki<3 on Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:46 pm

O.O I didn't even know you posted this Surprised


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Part II

Post  Rouge_Taylor on Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:53 pm

George blushed a deep red, offsetting his hair. He cleared his throat and kissed the top of her head.
“Well, perhaps I’ll surprise you.” Darian laughed and jumped ahead of him only to come back and touch his chest lightly.

“You always do…” Darian looked into his eyes and felt her own cloud with tears. Just around the corner was his grave, Fred. Her first real boyfriend, the guy she could tell everything to, the man she came to love so deeply that she could barely see her lovers face for fear of crying out.

George felt Darian tighten, her muscles taut and quivering. He looked into her deep brown eyes and in them found the sadness that he two harbored. Fred was gone, and in his wake he had left the woman he loved and the brother who needed him.

“I miss him George, I miss him so much my heart aches constantly. Even when I’m with you I know something’s missing.” George ran his fingers through her black hair, kissed her cheek.

“I’m missing something too Darian, a part of me left with him.” George remembered the times he had spent with his brother, the laughs, the jokes, the love they shared.

Flash Back

George huddled against his wall, shaking with tears. It was his third year and the girl of his dreams had just turned him down. His shoulders heaved with the rage and sorrow his teen body felt, he could never be happy again.
Fred came into the room, his hair covered with the freshly fallen snow. With one look at his brother he was next to him on the bed, his hand on Georges back rubbing in slow comforting circles.

“Now, now little brother what’s the matter?” George clung to Fred weeping openly unto his shoulder. Fred could only hold unto George as George spilled his soul out to the one person who understood him.

“I asked Erica Stuts out, you know that spicy Ravenclaw who I’ve had my eye on. Tells me in a nice voice ‘I’ll think about it’ what does she do? She waits until breakfast and in front of the whole Quidditch team flat out rejects me like I’m yesterday’s mashed potatoes.”

Fred grinned, “That’s just because she thought you were me. I put itching powder in her cloak the other day for making fun of my broomstick. Don’t take it so hard there are other hotter girls out their.”

“Oh yeah like who?” George said, irritable and about ready to pounce on his brother. Fred gave a lazy lopsided grin.
“Like my girlfriend.” George jumped up, singing a hallelujah chorus. He hugged his brother.

“Who is it? Angelica, Mary, don’t tell me you landed Lacy.” Fred smiled sheepishly, turning bright red, under his breath he mumbled a name.

“What?” Asked George, smiling waiting.

“Darian Paddock.” George’s mouth fell to the floor.
“Darian Paddock? The chick who lives down the street from us? The one you brought home last summer…oh shit.” George sat on the bed and put his head in his hands.

Darian Paddock, they’d first met her when they were little kids. Fred and George had been sitting in their yard watching as Charlie and Bill zoomed around on their broomsticks. They clapped as Bill swooped around Charlie and landed a goal in the basket.

Fred had looked over and pointed, a tiny girl with black hair was watching the boys fly around. She wore clothes that were too big on her tiny eight year old body, they were tattered and graying. At the moment she had her thumb stuck in her mouth and was staring with wide eyes at the red heads.
“Mum!” Fred and George both called, causing Charlie and Bill to stop and stare at the girl, fear on their faces. When Mrs. Weasley emerged she gasped and clutched a hand to her chest.

“Oh my, my wand, my wand?” She fumbled around in her skirts until she produced her wand and strode up to the girl.
The tiny little girl with the black mop looked up at Mrs. Weasley. She smiled sweetly at her.

“Hello ma’am, I’m Darian. Your sons could use a bit of work don’t you think? Mind if I take a look at your gnomes?”
Needless to say Mrs. Weasley was both shocked and annoyed. “My sons both happen to be on the Quidditch team at their school.” The small girl smiled.

“Yes, but they have no style.” Mrs. Weasley turned red and the twins stared in awe, this girl was standing up to their mum. They strode foreword and took the girl with them to tease the gnome.
“I’m Fred.”
“I’m George.” The boys introduced themselves. The girl made a grand sweeping motion with her hands.
“I’m Darian Paddock, witch.” Fred and George turned on her eyeing her strangely.

“Witch?” She stuck out her chest proudly.
“I’ve been on the school lists since I was born. Dumbledore personally came to my house to explain to my muggles what I was and that I should be treated cautiously.” Fred and George smirked.
“Oh yeah?” George asked, looking at his mother who was listening intently.
“Why should they?” Darian glared daggers at them.

“My father is a convict in Azkaban and they were worried that one of his fellows would try to come and snatch me away.”
“Your father is?” Mrs. Weasley asked, Darian turned to look at her and smiled sweetly.
“Sirius Black duh…”
Mrs. Weasley narrowed her eyes noticing the similarities between Black and Darian. Darian noticed the recognition and back away from Mrs. Weasley’s gaze.

“I’ll be going I guess, see you at Hogwarts in a few years than…”
They hadn’t seen her for years until they were eleven. They met her on the Hogwarts Express. She was older but still being young and thinking girls were icky they only got stuck sitting in the same compartment as her.

“I’ve always wanted to come and play with you guys but my mum said your mum told her I wasn’t welcome.” Darian wore her hair short, cropped up to her ears, it gave her an impish look especially when her large brown eyes stared out at you from underneath her longer bangs.

“Well she wouldn’t want you in our house, Black’s the murderer who killed thirteen people with one curse.” Darian shook her head her eyes brimming with tears.

“No he’s innocent. He told me when I went to visit him. He’s good and was only blamed for the crime, he doesn’t have a Dark Mark. Everyone just blames him for what Voldie did.”
The twins looked at her in surprise. “You can’t believe that!” Both shouted at her in unison. She nodded.

“I saw his arms, he’s a good man, I swear it. He was in Gryffindor, he’s noble and brave and he loved the Potters.” Fred snorted.

“Yeah enough to sell them both to you-know-who…” Darian burst into tears.
“I thought you’d understand! I can’t believe I trusted you!”
“We both know you’re going to be in Slytherin and turn out just like your father, we don’t trust Slytherins.” Darian cried even harder and ran out of the compartment.

She’d stormed out, at the sorting she’d been sent to Slytherin all the while glaring daggers at the Weasley’s.
It continued this way until they were in their second year.

“What’s got her?” Lee had asked as they walked to Potions, it was a common question among the Gryffindor’s but one that was never answered. Darian hadn’t spoken at all in any of their lessons together, and never stopped glaring at the twins.

“She’s got her knickers in a twist.” George said as they rounded the bend to the potions dungeon.
Snape loomed over them. Breathing down their necks as they tried, in vain, to brew the correct potion, worst of all George had been paired with Lee leaving Fred to be paired with Darian.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Darian said under her breath as Fred stirred in a bit of crushed black beetles. Frustrated, Fred swore as the potion turned black and started to smoke.
“If you’re so smart you do it!” He yelled at Darian. Her face turned white, and she looked down. Taking out her wand she muttered something and the potion Fred had brewed disappeared.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Fred asked, enraged, they had to turn a potion in by the end of the class period and it was nearly half over.
“Hush, you stupid git, you want to get a good mark? Leave the potion brewing to me.” Silenced by her glare, Fred watched as Darian began their potion a new.

Within minutes it was the pale yellow it was supposed to be, Darian was frequently whipping her brow as she concentrated on stirring the potion just the right amount of time.
“Time is up, bring your finished potions to the front.” Snape’s voice whispered spreading threw the dungeon like vapor. As Fred and Darian came up his lips curled into a sneer.

“It seems that I have two potions from your group Weasley and Paddock.” In a vial he held Fred’s black potion. “Who made this horrible mockery of a potion and than tried to vanish it, when second years are not allowed to use that sort of spell. I can guarantee that who ever did this will receive a week’s worth of detention with me.”

Fred swallowed, it wouldn’t be his first detention this year but he knew how much Snape loved to punish Gryffindors. He was about to open his mouth when Darian jutted her chin out.
“Sorry Snape love, but I just couldn’t handle the thought of failing under your impressive tutelage. You are my head of house after all, so I figured we could come to some sort of arrangement.” Snape’s face was twisted into one of rage and shock. The Gryffindors were speechless as were the Slytherins, who did this girl think she was. More impressively to the twins after saying all this and causing Snape’s face to turn purple she winked at him and made a kissey face.

“Two months detention with me Ms. Paddock, perhaps it will cure you of your cheek!” Snape nearly spat at her. Darian who had turned her back turned back around and grinned.
“Oh I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of my cheek, sir.” She made a provocative movement with her hips and grinned before bounding out of the class.

As Snape sat back at his desk contemplating all the horrid things to do to Darian during their detentions while Fred and George ran after Darian.
“Why’d you do that for me?” Fred asked as soon as they caught up with the red face Slytherin.

“Why you even talking to me I thought you hated Slytherins?!” Darian turned on them, shaking. Both boys looked at the ground blushing madly.
“We were young then…” George said.

“Let us make it up to you…” Fred pleaded, Darian smiled for the first time around them.
“Alright, you can make it up to me by letting me tutor you in the art of potions, you’re going to need some help if you hope to pass.” They looked at her puzzled she laughed and blushed madly.

“That’s payment for you?”

“I get to spend time with two red heads don’t I?” They looked at her again, puzzlement etched on their faces.
“Red heads?” Darian nodded and kissed each boy on the cheek.

“Yup I love red heads.” She winked at them before striding off to her next class.

“She loves red heads?” Lee wondered in confusion having watched both on his friends receive their first kisses from a Slytherin.

End Part II


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Re: My Boys: HP Fanfic

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