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Post  Rouge_Taylor on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:13 pm

"I'll stay if you stay." Kio commented kissing Noah's neck and snuggling against him. Noah's mouth looked horrible so Kio contented himself to running his tongue up Noah's neck to his earlobe and the sucking it gently, before traveling back down to suckle his neck. Kio got goosebumps on his skin when Noah's hands brushed against his sides, he almost moaned Noah tasted so good. "Watch the movie..." He heard Noah's raspy, and somewhat muffled voice say. Kio smiled and detached himself to watch as the geekily attractive main character was caught with a pie on his...well area. His fingers trailed down to Noah's crotch and he was pleased to feel that he was hard. Smirking even as he watched the movie Kio quickly unbuttoned Noah's pants and plunged his hand inside. Noah's cock felt so good in his hand, Kio nearly sighed in pleasure. His fingers explored the hard shaft while pretending nothing was happening. When Kio's fingers hit the head, he rubbed slightly harder, enjoying the pre-cum that dribbled out of Noah's head. He began to stroke faster, his fingers playing against the soft flesh. When he felt Noah bite on his neck he knew he was close and purring softly Kio massaged faster until the bite was harder and the hot sticky substance covered Kio's hand. Content with himself, Kio pulled his hand from Noah's pants and began to discretely lick Noah's cum off his hand, it tasted like heaven. As soon as his hand was clean he was able to watch the movie more closely now, even though he now had his own painful erection, that perhaps he could have Noah fix later. Kei was sitting in Thane's lap and sighed as Thane's fingers ran threw his hair. He didn't want the relationship out in the public screaming at the passers by but alone with their friends it was okay. Wrapping a blanket around them Kei snuggled in closer and laughed as the boys father walked in. Then he felt it, the fingers moved and Kei felt the cool hands wrapped around his waist. When the first hand slipped into his pants as the other hand undid his button. Kei's breath caught as the thin cool hand began to massage him. When the other hand slipped into his pants and began to caress his balls Kei bit his lip. Thane was whispering in his ear before sucking on his neck, surely leaving dark spots where the lips surrounded and the tounge touched. Soon it became too much for Kei to bare, and with a silent moan he let his seed come into Thane's hand. It seemed the other boy wasn't done yet, as soon as his hands were covered in the wet substance Thane moved his hand down and slipped a moist finger into Kei. At this Kei started slightly, this was something new for him. As a man he'd always been the aggressor, the 'pitcher' but he found the smooth movements that Thane's finger made felt amazing, it caused him to go hard again, and Thane's other hand was right there to pleasure him that way as well.


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