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[SPECIES] Hanyou

[NAME] Todd (Or Toddy)

[AGE] Is around 6 body wise though he has lived around 20 years

[GENDER/SEX] Male (boy)

[PERSONALITY] Neutral, no matter what Todd does he just seems to always cause a problem. With a mischevious look in his eyes and his innocent features it is easy to underestimate what Todd is. He is curious by nature and playful to boot, but due to his strength many times Todd ends up hurting whomever is his choosen playmate, whether it be animal or human, elf or young dragon. Most of the time, Todd never means to hurt, but when the tables turn and he is being hunted rather than being a hunter Todd is quick to use what was given to him threw his heritage.

[ABILLITIES/POWERS] Shapeshifting: Todd can shift from himself into what he fondly calls his 'other self'. As his other self he can take more damage to his body and all his normal abilities increase, what he doesn't realize is that his 'other self' is truly his inner youkai presenting itself in the physical sense to protect its master. In this form Todd's body becomes what it would have been as a demon though human traits are still present (such as standing erect instead of on all fours, as well as apposable thumbs)

Inhuman Strength: Todd has the strength many grown men would envy. He has never tested this to its fullest but he knows enough about it that he is careful when walking amoung humans, fearing he would break their fragile bones.

Speed: Running from place to place, leaping into trees being able to outrun and out jump his attackers Todd also uses his speed and agile qualities to his advantage. He learned early on how to handle a blade and knows that he may not be as fast as a full youkai he is faster, stronger, and more able than most humans and thats good for him.

Illusion: Being a light kitsune by nature, Todd can bend the light around himself and objects projecting illusions unto them. He has used this most often in stealing money, distracting the person with an illusion and picking them clean.

Bang: At least Todd calls it Bang, what it really is is him focusing on his chi and chaneling it to his finger tips then he places his hands together, locking all fingers together with his index fingers pointing out he is able to give off ten blast of chi. The aren't very powerful but when aimed correctly they can disable or injure the person enough for Todd to strike them down.

[WEAPONS] A tiny katana which still drags on the ground when strapped to his hip so Todd usually slings the blade over his shoulder.

[STRENGTHS] Todd is a traveler, he wishes to see everything this plane of existence has to offer him. He has a thirst for life that comes from his human side he supposes, a will to experience, but what gets him up in the morning is the promise that this day his stomach might be filled.

[WEAKNESSES] What Todd fears most, more than his rumbling tummy, is full youkai. From what he's experienced with them, Todd has learned that youkai hate him and wish that he would just disappear. True they've never followed threw on their threats to dismember him but the thought sends shivers down his spine, he is careful not to bump into them unexpectedly.

[BIO] Todd is an oddity in the world, not a rare but simply odd. His first memories are of the old woman, he lived with her she cared for him. Her name was Mary, a simple name for a simple human she always said. From the first moment she told him I am not your mother. All the same she called him kit and took care of him, washed him, fed him, sang him to sleep at night. She also told him stories of his mother.

'Once upon a time, a long while ago a beautiful girl lived in the village. Her name was Dalieh. From the moment she could walk everyone knew she would be different. You see Todd, back then the village was large, more humans gathered her safely in the shadow of the mountain than in other places, now it is simply myself and the other old ones who can not travel away. Dalieh had brown hair that curled around her face, large brown eyes that shone with a love for life.

When she was young she'd travel threw the forest, without anyone watching her. By the time she reached marrying age, everyday she left the village to climb the mountain and sit in the sun as no other would. She was much wanted by the men here, and the other girls her age were jealous. Dalieh had many suitors but she turned them all away, saying that nature was her mate and she didn't care for another.

So it was that all the other girls married and though they scourned Dalieh they secretly admired her freedom and daring in climbing the mountain. One day she returned from the mountain saying her mate had come to her, finally. Nine months later you were given to us, and the village feared. You are a half youkai Todd, a hanyou, and they feared you and still fear you because of what your father is. After you were born a youkai entered the village, he demanded to see his Oread, we didn't know what he spoke of so the men fought him and fell to him. Searching the houses he finally came upon your mother in her own house and you.

Todd, youkai hate humans, and to them hanyou are scum he couldn't believe that the woman he'd spoken to and made love with was not a mountain nymph but a human...' Mary always stopped the story but Todd knew what happened. His father had killed his mother, and destroyed the village, the only ones who survived were the elders who were off picking berries and himself. When they came back they raised him, but it was only Mary who loved him while the others hated and feared him.

Mary died when Todd was sixteen, though he still appeared to be a young child. He was cast into the forest where he knew the villagers hoped he died. Of course he didn't, he was a young hanyou and could survive. It was here in the forest in the shadow of the mountains that he learned his tricks, here where he found a full grown elf hanyou and stole his weapon. Todd ventures out of the forest occasionally, traveling to other settlements to get food other than what he hunted in the forest.


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